Mini Bead Bank - Facebook Live Game ||  NO TRADES
Mini Bead Bank - Facebook Live Game ||  NO TRADES
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Mini Bead Bank - Facebook Live Game || NO TRADES

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This is a Bead version of a community favorite; Washi Wonderland.     With this game, you get to choose your drawers & you'll receive whatever is behind the "door."  Purchase as many drawers as you want.  You will get to pick the numbers if you are available when we pull your order live, otherwise Ximena Starr or one of the Plans Fam will help choose your fate! <3 

Mini drawers will have at least $6- $20 retail value

Mega Drawers will have at least $26 - $50 in products.



What's inside?



Sneak peeks are usually shown in Starr Plans Community on Facebook.  Join our group chats for even more sneak peeks. 


More info about lives & games

  • Lives are done Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on Facebook
  • Live is "aired" from the Starr Plans Facebook account here & then shared into our Starr Plans Community Facebook group.
  • The lives will be saved & viewable after
  • *Games are further explained on the lives, where you will also have a chance to see your prizes first hand.
  • Freebies, Tickets, and chances at giveaways in most lives.
  • During lives, I will show products, explain "how-to's", pack orders, tell stories, & more.
  • Please do not use discount codes or gift cards to purchase live sales or games.

Join/Follow/Friend the following accounts to learn more about lives, sales, sneak peeks, and more.

Starr Plans Community Facebook Group

Starr Plans Business Facebook Page

Starr Plans Business/Behind the scenes Facebook Account

Current photos reflect the first release of the game & is not yet current to any additional games.  Follow us on Facebook for up to date sneak peeks.  Will edit to reflect any photo updates here. 


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