Beaded Pen || Mentally Checked Out on Baby Pink
Beaded Pen || Mentally Checked Out on Baby Pink
Starr Plans

Beaded Pen || Mentally Checked Out on Baby Pink

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Title: Unique Handmade Beaded Pen by Ximena - One-of-a-Kind Writing Accessory

Description: Add a touch of elegance and personality to your writing with this one-of-a-kind beaded pen handmade by Ximena!

Features: - Handcrafted with love and care by Ximena - Unique design featuring high-quality silicone beads - Sturdy pen base with smooth writing functionality - Perfect for everyday use, journaling, or as a special gift

Specifications: - Material: Silicone beads and plastic pen base. Includes: One refill

About the Artist: Ximena is the owner behind Starr Plans and a skilled crafter and beadwork enthusiast dedicated to creating unique, handmade pieces that bring joy to those who use them. 

Order now and make a statement with this one-of-a-kind beaded pen!

These are plastic pens. These are refillable. I have chosen to not glue the beads nor the ends close so that you can move, change, remove, fidget, flick, and more with your beads. HOWEVER- this may mean that they may unscrew loose in transit or with use. Any super glue should be a quick fix if becomes an issue for you. 

Colors may vary from screen to screen

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