Beadable Plastic Pen Blanks - Khaki - 6 Pieces
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Beadable Plastic Pen Blanks - Khaki - 6 Pieces

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Create your own beadable pens with these blanks.  The bar unscrews in two places to add and adjust beads however you prefer.  Your possibilities are limited only by your creativity. 

These are fun and easy for kids of all ages! Even La Jefa, two year old Esme plays with the beaded pens and proudly displays her work on our social media pages. 

These are plastic.  You turn the tip in order for the ballpoint pen to come out.  You can remove the top piece to add beads or unscrew from the middle of the pen, if you prefer.  Some also prefer to glue their beads onto the bar and/or glue the ends/tops on in order to keep the beads from moving.  I choose not to do these with my own designs, in order to for you to remove, fidget, and play with your beads.  However, it is an option for those wishing to secure their pen.  

More colors of beadable pen blanks, along with beads, and pen kits coming soon! 

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