You Are Beautiful Clear Classic Holographic Stickers
You Are Beautiful

You Are Beautiful Clear Classic Holographic Stickers

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Isn't it clear? Clearly, you are beautiful. This 20 pack of clear classic holographic metallic stickers are full size, and measure 2" x 1.5" (just like our classic brushed sticker). Stamping foil on a clear sticker is a technically tricky printing process. The foil on some stickers may look "distressed. This is just part of the process, and each sticker is unique and beautiful (just like you)! Also available as Metallic. Depending on the angle, these stickers reflect an entire rainbow of light! You won't be able to stop staring at these stickers, and tilting them to see the effect of the prism. Share positivity with these motivational stickers, and remind each and every single person to be confident in who they are. There’s no one you need to try to be, other than yourself. Just be you, and that’s enough.

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