Summer Fun Sticker Pack
Rongrong Illustration

Summer Fun Sticker Pack

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Wishing Hot Girl Summer would never end? šŸ‘™ Grab your favorite fruity drink šŸ¹ and the Summer Fun Sticker pack to add happy summer vibes to your planners and notebooks! šŸ¦©šŸšŸŒ“ This sticker pack is to celebrate sunny days, warm weather, and relaxation! Live your best tropical life with the Summer Fun Sticker pack by Rongrong DeVoe. ā˜€ļø Snap up these colorful fashion girls and summer vibes for your planners! This sticker pack has 12 pages of planner stickers including: 2 pages of functional boxed planner stickers 6 pages total 32 hand-drawn doll stickers 4 pages total 68 hand-drawn icon stickers

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