Starrling Starrfetti ||  While Supplies Last
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Starrling Starrfetti || While Supplies Last

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This Starrfetti is all kinds of items that I have stored and kept around the office and studio.  It can be anything from beads, stickers, business cards, extra tickets, fidgets, bracelets, pens.  

$10 mini scoops
$25 mega scoops
$4 Pack on Tiktok (if you aren't available for the live and wish you "see" your order pulled, please choose this add on.  

(the "scoops" are the similar to the drawers in the washi wonderland game, to give you an idea of what they look like. I plan to go live this afternoon just to show example scoops when I get the chance)

Only 25 of each size available, will restock if I have enough to do so. What is in the "tub" is not all I have available. I have "excess" items off to the side to add into the Starrfetti as I pull orders to try and keep it a variety for everyone and not too saturated with one or two things. :)

 Inspired by Ximena's love for stickers, pens & stationery, and of course, inspired by her #starrlings!  Paper items may come slightly bent. 

All pulls/scoops are done randomly.  

Only available while supplies last.  


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