Social Media Planner Notepad, Daily Planner Notepad
Arch Michael

Social Media Planner Notepad, Daily Planner Notepad

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This is a Social Media Planner It is designed to help you stay organized when creating new content and posting to all of your platforms. It has the following sections: "Content to Make", "Things to Do", and "Brainstorming". It's most unique feature is the "Posting Time" section, that has 3 TikTok sections, 2 Instagram sections, 1 Facebook Section, 2 Pintrest Sections, 2 Twitter Sections, and 1 Youtube Section. Besides Youtube, all the platform sections are the recommended amounts needed to post per day to consistently and effectively raise your algorithm position. You now have a way to organize your Social Media AND you have daily prompts to help you remember to cater to all your platforms and how often to do so. This notepad has white writing boxes and a teal and cool toned swirl and glitch background. This notepad is a medium sized tear-away style notepad. This notepad has 50 sheets of paper. This notepad is 4.25“ x 5.5” (Inches)

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