September "Absolutely Affirming" #Starrgram Plus
September "Absolutely Affirming" #Starrgram Plus
September "Absolutely Affirming" #Starrgram Plus
September "Absolutely Affirming" #Starrgram Plus
September "Absolutely Affirming" #Starrgram Plus
September "Absolutely Affirming" #Starrgram Plus
September "Absolutely Affirming" #Starrgram Plus
September "Absolutely Affirming" #Starrgram Plus
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September "Absolutely Affirming" #Starrgram Plus

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#Starrgram Plus includes:

  • #Starrgram basic (see below)
  • Additional 6-8 pcs of various candy 
  • 15 PCS of Grab Bag Vinyl Stickers (Positive & Funny Quotes) 
  • 2x #Starrgram Pens- A Flower & a maze pen
  • "Beauty is found within" Bracelet
  • Mini Notebook with Positive Quote
  • Sunflower Keychain
  • Extra love and sparkles. ;) 

#Starrgram Basic includes:

  • Card (Outside is a various positive quote- see photo for examples)  
  • Two Affirmation Cards- varies. Positive, affirming message. See photos for examples.  Our tiktok video showing all options is here. 
  • Candy- Various 
  • Discount code for a future purchase on
  • 6 Unicorn themed Stickers with affirmations
  • Affirmation Sticker- Varies
  • Positive Magnet- Varies
  • FREE SHIPPING in the US & it’s territories

    ^ Basic is packed inside the card, sealed in an envelope.  Plus & Extras are then shipped in a bubble mailer.

    Personal Messages:

    Wanna send a special message to your friend or your future self?  Leave a personal message in the notes when checking out your order! We will make sure to include your note on your packing slip when packaging your order.  

    Other #Starrgrams:

    Is this #starrgram too much?  Try a Basic here.

    Feeling a little extra?  Get the Plus as seen above, with lots of added "extra" love, including a pen & pencil this month that can only be ordered with the Extra or as an Add on.  Our #Starrgram Extra can be found here. 

    Want add on’s?  Be sure to return here to add them to your cart!


    Want multiples?  #Starrgrams being sent to the same home can be ordered together but - #Starrgrams going to different homes will need to be purchased separately.  Please update the shipping info on each gram to reflect this. 

    When purchasing for a friend, YOU MUST change the shipping address to reflect this.  Addresses will not be accepted in the notes.

    If you have issues or concerns, please try to contact us via these methods before placing your order.  Please see shipping info to understand shipping, processing times, and address changes.      

    Main photo reflects an example of what you may receive.  Additional photos show examples of items you may receive.

    #Starrgrams are considered Ready to Ship items.  Ready to ship items will ship before our 7-10 day processing window (unless otherwise noted).  In order to ensure fast fulfillment, we do not accept requests nor do we typically add tickets or freebies.

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