Personalized Grab Bag
Personalized Grab Bag
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Personalized Grab Bag

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One of our most popular products- a grab bag that is customized to your likes, dislikes, wishes, and needs.  With only a few questions we are able to put together a grab bag that surely not  disappoint.  

We offer multiple sizes to fit any budget.  

Please leave your answer to these in the notes when paying your order.  

1. Favorite Colors
2. 3 Wants/Wishes/Needs: What do you want more of? What is on your wish list? What is a planner or journal "need" for you- ex. "work stickers." 
3. 3 Favorites accessories: 
4. 3 Dislikes/Don’t Use/Don’t Want
5. 3 Uses for your planners: (work, school, home, chores, budget, fitness, gratitude, faith)
6. Themes Used (seasonal, work, budgeting, faith, wellness, pregnancy, holidays, colors) What inspires your planning or journaling? 
7. Icons (from small bullet type icons to mermaids, celestial, unicorns, cats) What type of decorations do you reach for? 

8. Would you like, if possible, your grab bag to include: 

  • a. Planner/No Planner
  • b. Happy Notes & Journals/No Notes
  • c. Accessories Only

9. Sizes and brands of current planners used
10. Any additional info. You could include info about your lifestyle, career or hobbies.  Anything that you feel may help in putting together the perfect package for you. 

If you forget to answer these questions, please send the answers to or contact us on Facebook.  

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