May "Affirmations" #Starrgram Plus
May "Affirmations" #Starrgram Plus
May "Affirmations" #Starrgram Plus
May "Affirmations" #Starrgram Plus
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May "Affirmations" #Starrgram Plus

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Starrgram Plus includes:

  • #Starrgram basic (see below)
  • Additional 6-8 pcs of various candy in holo bag
  • 10 random single sticker sheets.
  • 15 PCS of NEW or NOT yet released Vinyl Stickers
  • 2x Random Fun Pens
  • Additional sequins throughout package

#Starrgram Basic Includes:

  • Card (Outside is a various rainbow (see photo) Inside is blank.  Little "pocket" is held with washi and easily removeable.  All items will be tucked inside the pocket except for the candy.)
  • Affirmation Card- varies.
  • 2 Random pieces of Candy
  • Card with a discount code for $5 OFF a future purchase on
  • 8-10 PCS of Tear Drop Clips
  • "You are beautiful" Vinyl Sticker
  • Few pieces of star sequins

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Looking for the #Starrgram Basic? Click here.

#STARRLINGS SPECIAL: If you are looking for the options to add-on, please see the #Starrgram with Add-ons option for how to order. 

IMPORTANT: When purchasing for a friend, be sure to add their name & complete mailing address in the notes in the checkout.  If purchasing for multiple people, please number each individual.  

Main photo reflects an example of what you may receive.  Additional photos show examples of both cards. Also shown is a photo of possible pens- However possible pens are not limited to what is shown in this photo.  

See our Tiktok video of this #Starrgram!

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