Starrballs - "Bead Balls" LIVE Game // Prize Value: $5 to $25 // Two Trades
Starrballs - "Bead Balls" LIVE Game // Prize Value: $5 to $25 // Two Trades
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Starrballs - "Bead Balls" LIVE Game // Prize Value: $5 to $25 // Two Trades

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Welcome to our Beads Starrballs game.  These are  gumball machine plastic balls that we have deemed "Starrballs" and each Starrball has a slip inside which notes a prize that you win.   With this and most Starrball games, you can trade your prizes for another chance up to two times.  You will have to keep the last prize option drawn.  

Starrball orders are pulled in order, whenever possible, for those who participate in the live.  Orders are pulled last for those who don't show up for live, in order to give them a chance to do so.  

If you miss the live or can't make it, send us a PM for arrangements, otherwise, we'll hold your order for the next live to ensure you get to play.  

Please refer to our Facebook account for sneak peeks of current prizes.  During the live, I will show you the prizes, or give you chances to choose and see more options of prizes.  

More info about lives & games

  • Lives are done Wednesday, Fridays, and Sundays at 8PM EST.  
  • Live is "aired" from the Starr Plans account on Facebook  & then shared into our Starr Plans Community Facebook group.
  • The lives will be saved & viewable after it ends.
  • Games are further explained on the lives, where you will also have a chance to see your prizes first hand.
  • Giveaways are done for all viewers. every hour on the hour, if there are a minimum of 10 viewers. These giveaways are valued at $20-$40. 
  • Extra freebies are included in every order. 
  • During lives, I will show products, explain "how-to's", pack orders, tell stories, & more.


Join/Follow/Friend the following accounts to learn more about lives, sales, sneak peeks, and more.

Starr Plans Community Facebook Group

Starr Plans Business Facebook Page

Starr Plans Business/Behind the scenes Facebook Account

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