Whitney Alsup

HI!! I’m Whitney! I’m married to a metalhead grease monkey and we have 2 little baby bears (5 years and 18mos). I’ve been dabbling with “planning” for about 6 years but didn’t find Starr Plans until a couple years ago. I started out making my own planner out of a spiral notebook with a set of Crayola markers and decorative painter’s tape. I didn’t even know about the whole wide world of washi and planner pens or that planner/organizational stickers were even a thing!
I’ve use a variety of planners (HP and non) and have really found Dashboard layout the most effective for this season in my life. My favorite planner accessory will forever and always be stickers- they are more of a LIFE accessory though, right? When you get down to basics though I just need a good pad and a good pen.
I enjoy planning because it helps me keep track of life so I can actually ENJOY my life. Sometimes that means I need to brain dump everything onto a scrap of paper, sometimes that means I need to plan out a chaotic week of appointments. Just being able to SEE what’s going on laid out like that makes it easier to wrap my brain around and feel equipped to take care of business.
One of the things that I LOVE about Starr Plans is how AUTHENTICALLY ENCOURAGING this group is. There are so many different kinds of planner styles being shared and new ways to keep track of daily life- there is no ‘right way.’ I love that in the Starr Plans groups you are prompted to share your style of planning and how it works for you. Even beyond planning this group encourages you to be you, unapologetically. I am so grateful to be part of this community that feels like home and I’m excited to join the Hype Squad and have the opportunity to share the comfort and love that I’ve been given! I want everyone to know that we are here to meet you where you are. We are here to hold your hand, share some high fives, share some tears if you need that and we have your back.
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