Live & Event Schedule

Starr Plans Community Lives:

Lives & Events are done through our Facebook group,  Starr Plans Community, where you will need to be an active member to view the lives. 

Thursday ~ @ 2PM EST - Functional Planning with Cassie Anne (An OG Squad Member!) 

Saturdays ~ @ 7 PM EST - Squad Sesh with the Starr Plans Squad & at times featuring the Mini Hype Squad! During Squad Sesh, Squad members create planner spreads, bullet journaling pages, junk journaling pages, lettering, crafts and more! It's something different every week! 

Fridays & Saturdays ~ @ 9P-12AM EST - Ximena Live 

Have tickets?  We do prize drawings twice a month! 

Mid Month Drawing: Every 15th (14th in February) of the month @ 8PM EST - Ticket & Flaunt it Friday Drawing & Updates 

End of Month Drawing: Last day of every month (28/30/31) @ 8PM EST - Ticket & Flaunt it Friday Drawing, SPC Top Contributor Announced, #OpenOrderLive Winner Announced, Stabby Sunday Winner Announced, Prizes issued.  

We regularly hold events in our Facebook group, even if they are not noted on this page.  Please feel free to join or sign up for our newsletter for details ahead of time whenever possible! 

We hope you'll join us & surround yourself with inspiring beings. 


Facebook groups: 

Starr Plans: Planner Bless/Sell/Trade 🌝💐✉️

Starr Plans: Wellness Warriors ❤️