Kristi Rutherford

Hi, I’m Kristi! I’m a lover of traveling, camping, animals, reading, photography and video games, and recently married my wonderful husband who shares these same passions with me! We have 3 dogs and I’m a bonus mom to his 2 awesome adult kids. I’ve been a list maker and planner off and on since ’99 when our school gave us a planner at the start of the semester and Lisa Frank was my vibe. I started decorative planning in December 2019, which helped me discover a creative side I never knew I had!
I started with a Happy Planner, but this year I’m in both a Plum Paper Planner and Happy Planner! Planning has been a savior for my mental health and self-care, keeping me on point, helping me see how much I have accomplished off my weekly tasks, calming my anxiety, and reminding me to take care of myself, too.
I really love playing with Washi, whether it is using in my spreads, creating dashboards and bookmarks, or swatching to ‘ohh’ and ‘ahh’ over how pretty it is. I’m pretty obsessed with vinyls and have started venturing out into adding them into my spreads and dashboards as well. I enjoy creating trackers and other sheets to pop in and out of my planner, I swear I track everything!
I found the Starr Plans community early in my decorative planning journey but was mostly a lurker and customer. I always had trouble fitting in at school or social settings and the anxiety from those experiences carried over into my adult life. Once I started coming out of my shell and interacting, that anxiety was eased and I felt so welcomed, accepted, seen, and immediately felt the warmth of this wonderful community!
While I was already sharing products from Starr Plans with colleagues, my family and throughout the planner community, I knew I wanted to be part of this team when I continued to see an increased focus on mental health and self-care products available! I work in preventative healthcare, and I’m a strong supporter of mental health care access and resources. I knew I would feel so much pride promoting this wonderful community and sharing these wonderful products with others in the planner community.
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