Amber Owens Cox

Hi! I'm Amber, and this is my second round on the Hype Squad! I am so excited to have the opportunity to continue working with Starr and to keep sharing my love of everything Starr Plans! I'm a mom to three awesome kids, six birds, and wife to my sweet husband who supports my planner addiction. I have been decorative planning for about a year, but I've always been a list maker! Decorative planning was a fun transition for me, because I needed a creative outlet and this is the perfect way to incorporate the two together.
I'm currently using a variety of Happy Planner layouts and a Recollections planner. I tend to change up which planners I use week by week, going with the one that fits my needs and mood. I also enjoy using daily sheets, and frequently I will abandon my plans and go back to list making. No matter what I'm using for a planner that week, you will always find lots of washi involved! I absolutely love washi tape, and I'm trying to grow my collection.
I enjoy planning because I find that it soothes my over-active brain. I joke that my brain can't even complete a sentence, and that means I spend the day jumping from one task to another with no clear idea of what I'm trying to get done. Planning and list making gives me tangible goals. I can pick an item, do it, and check it off.
I found Starr Plans on Facebook fairly early into my planning journey. I was new to everything Happy Planner related, and had a few bad experiences in other groups. As someone who was bullied as a child, I left those groups because I didn't like the negativity. When I found Starr's groups, though, it was like a magical door had been opened for me. Suddenly, I was surrounded by a community of people like me, who were loving and accepting. Very quickly, I found myself scrolling her groups daily, interacting and making new friends. I immediately began recommending her in the other groups, because I wanted everyone to join and experience this amazing group!
It was only natural that I wanted to be on the Hype Squad when I found out she was starting it. I enjoy sharing the awesome new items she gets in her store, and I love the emphasis she puts on sourcing items from small and women owned businesses. But more than that, I enjoy sharing the community. I see so much negativity and toxicity across Facebook, and I just want people to know that a space like this exists-a place where you are free to be you. You won't get made fun of  You will not be just  "accepted."  You will celebrated, encouraged to love yourself and see your value. These groups might seem like they are about planning, but there is so much more to it. That's the real reason I wanted to join Hype Squad. I wanted to spread this love among as many people as I can, hoping to give back to the community who has given me so much.
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